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Eli Davidson, a nationally recognized success coach, works with Emmy, Grammy and Golden Globe winners…and even a founder of Fed Ex. In 18 months she lost her business, marriage and health leaving her with $88,000 of debt. Four years later she was coaching some of the most successful people in America.

Her “Turnaround Techniques” have been on national radio and television including The Today Show, USA Network and NBC and Fox affiliates. As a speaker, Eli’s entertains and educates. Her high energy and high content make her a popular motivational speaker. Her revolutionary “Turnaround Techniques” give each audience member tools to use in their daily life.

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My Way

The Book from which i Have Learn a Lot to Know. Check This Book Right Away.

Life Matters

Life Matters is your guide to contemporary life in many ways. Richness, poor and many more.

Funky To Fabulous

My life changed with this book Funky to Fabulous. Check now to know What happened

I want to do something splendid… Something heroic or wonderful that won’t be forgotten after I’m dead… I think I shall write books.

– Eli Davidson

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